2022 Autumn & Winter Collection "Pieceful Home" is a space where you discover the essential beauty that is revealed when you are the most yourself. In this space, we hope you will experience the time to express yourself in the most colorful and in-depth through the act of dressing like painting without hesitation with the colors you are attracted to. The fabric, color, detailed elements, and sewing techniques that will be most complete with tone and manners that only MOONDAL can show, make me fully exposed in my own way, and still give me a free and comfortable beauty even if I lean on MOONDAL's method. The standard and value of the MOONDAL Piece alone lead to an intrinsic beauty that has not changed for a long time It will naturally permeate your daily life and reveal the most basic yet elegant style. When we express MOONDAL in our own way and wear each piece in a combination, we will eventually fill in one MOONDAL Pieceful Home. We're becoming more harmonious, a work that's being completed, and at Pieceful Home filled with only one MOONDAL, I hope you enjoy the moments when you become completely yourself with MOONDAL Piece.